How to Stay Social While Social Distancing

It’s been interesting talking to friends and family about how they’re doing during this time of social distancing – during our collective quest to flatten the pandemic curve. All have commented, and I certainly agree, that the pandemic has cast a wide net over our daily lives. 

That said, I am someone who usually finds the silver lining in most situations. This global emergency is no exception; it calls for all of us to make the best of this unprecedented crisis while adhering to CDC and government guidance. And, won’t we all feel so much better about ourselves when we’re productive, staying connected with our loved ones, and supporting our communities during these tough times?

Here are some excellent ideas. I hope you’ll be inspired to act on one or more of them!

1) Connect with Family/Significant Others/Roommate

• Virtual happy hours and or theme dinner gatherings – BYOB, of course!

• Virtual game night (you know Monopoly is always a Realtor’s favorite)

• Reach out to someone you haven’t connected with in a while. Let them know how you are and ask about how you can support them during this uncertain time. Sometimes, all it takes is a quality 30-minute phone chat to feel reconnected to someone important in your life

• Join or create a virtual book club

2) Give Back/Pay it Forward

• Contact your local school and sign up to volunteer with their food distribution program

• Know a teacher or two? Reach out and ask how you can help develop new lesson plans (if their students are still learning online) or just provide a listening ear.

• Offer to pick up groceries for your most at-risk and older neighbors by leaving a note on the door. Search online and get involved with neighborhood groups that may already be assisting.

• Call a parent you know who is figuring out this “new normal” and offer to give their kids a virtual lesson or virtually read a story (i.e. Facetime)

• Call your local hospital or fire station and ask if you can order takeout for the staff from a local restaurant, or donate to restaurants that are already offering free meals to first responders and families in need.

• If you’re able, buy gift certificates from your favorite local businesses and save them for later, or give them as gifts right now to your grocery store cashier, mail carrier, or anyone else providing vital services in your community.

• If you can, go online and make a donation to your local food bank

3) Broaden Your Horizons

• Learn a foreign language – there are plenty of great courses you can take from home and online. We will all be able to travel again one day (soon, we hope)!

• Take an online course

4) Find Peace / Reduce Stress / Maintain Optimal Health

• Yoga – there are so many online options. Here’s a cool example I found on Google. 

• Go for a walk or get some form of regular exercise (but remember to maintain about 6 feet from others who may be out doing the same)

• Take a relaxing shower or bath

• Prayer or meditation (the Calm app is amazing!)

• Listen to your favorite music – and don’t do anything else! Just be in the moment.

5) Your Home

• Take on that DIY project you’ve put off for months

• Organize your closets or kitchen pantry (or both, right?!)

• Spring cleaning! Clean those air vents, bathroom exhaust fans, window blinds, charcoal grill, oven, front load washer, tile grout, polish leather furniture. You might not call it fun but you’ll feel great after it’s done!

I wish you all good health during this very strange time. Keep washing your hands! 


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